South Korea has entered the final stage of efforts to buy the COVID-19 vaccine.
This comes amid promising results from several vaccine candidates made by global pharmaceutical companies.
The government said on Tuesday that it is negotiating a purchasing deal for five out of ten vaccine candidates that are currently at the third phase of the trials.
Those include the candidates from the U.S. pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna.

“We are currently at the final stage of purchasing COVID-19 vaccines through the COVAX facility and from individual pharma companies. We are aiming to complete vaccinations for those in need by late fall next year, and in general by 2022.”

The government plans to first purchase vaccines for 10 million people from the COVAX facility and for 20 million people from other global firms.
And following the progress in securing vaccines, the aviation industry is also gearing up to carry them into the country.
The nation’s largest carrier, Korean Air has signed a deal with multiple container companies to transport vaccines at the appropriate temperature.
Asiana Airlines has also established a standard for vaccine transportation and expanded its transportation channels at Incheon International Airport.
Meanwhile, South Korean pharmaceutical firm Samsung Biologics announced Tuesday that it has delivered the first batch of Eli Lilly and Company’s COVID-19 antibody treatment to the firm in the U.S.
This comes five months after the two firms signed the manufacturing deal.
However, Samsung declined to disclose the exact amount delivered.
Kim Sung-min, Arirang News

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