We start with growing concerns about the COVID-19 situation here in South Korea.
The country reported over two-hundred cases on Saturday, after keeping daily figures below 200 for more than two months.
For the details, we connect to our Kim Sung-min.
Sung-min, tell us more.
Dami, South Korea has added 205 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, with most of them
coming from cluster infections throughout the country.
There were 1-hundred-66 local transmissions, and 39 from overseas.
Seoul and Gyeonggi-do province reported a combined 1-hundred-9 cases.
Following the resurgence, the nation’s health authorities are considering raising the social distancing level.
Once the weekly average of infections in the capital area reaches over 100, the level is raised to 1.5.
Some other regions like Cheonan and Asan Chungcheongnam-do Province, have autonomously raised social distancing measures to level 1.5 as a preemptive measure.
It is alarming that we are seeing sporadic cluster infections throughout the nation, even from the country’s national football team, which is currently staying in Austria.
Yes Dami, four players and one staff member of South Korea’s men’s national football team have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.
The team has been staying in Vienna this week for friendly matches against Mexico on Saturday and Qatar on Tuesday.
According to the Korea Football Association, all five are asymptomatic, and the rest of the team and staff members are currently under quarantine in their hotel rooms.
Those who have tested negative for the virus will be tested again on Saturday, and this will decide whether they will hold the matches as scheduled.
Within the country, sporadic infections are occurring in various hotspots like health care facilities, work, school, and social gatherings.
As of Friday night, there were at least 57 infections linked to a care center in Seoul’s Dongdaemun-gu, and 8 people tested positive after visiting a sauna in the Gangseo-gu district.
Health authorities advise that people should comply with preventive measures in their daily lives.
That’s all I have for now Dami, Back to you.

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