People in South Korea will face much stricter mandatory mask wearing regulations from Friday.
The South Korean government will impose fines on people who do not wear them in public as officials look to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.
People are mandated to wear face masks at 23 multi-use facilities, on public transportation, and at hospitals as well as at indoor sports stadiums and any gatherings of more than 5-hundred people.
People are required to wear KF94 and KF80 face masks, or fabric masks that cover their mouth and nose, but it’s not acceptable to cover one’s face with just a scarf.
Violators will be face a fine of up to 90 U.S. dollars.
However, there are some circumstances where there are exceptions.
When eating or drinking at coffee shops and restaurants, people don’t need to wear a mask.
People smoking outside are also excluded.
However, people who use public bathhouses or swimming pools are required to wear masks when they are NOT in the water.
For events likes weddings, attendees are required to wear masks at all times, but brides, grooms, and their parents are excluded.
If people are able to keep 2 meters apart during outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, they don’t need to wear masks, either.
Health authorities are urging people to wear face masks properly as those who don’t cover both their mouth and nose could also be fined.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

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