At the South Korea-ASEAN Summit, President Moon introduced the “New Southern Policy Plus,” an enhanced version of his key diplomatic initiative tailored to the post-COVID-19 era.

“President Moon started his four days of ASEAN-related summits on Thursday here at this room in the main building of the Blue House altered just for the occasion, as the summits this year are taking place virtually due to the pandemic.”

The new policy he introduced calls for cooperation in seven major fields, such as training personnel in health and medical care and working together on related policies.

We will take the lead in the post-COVID era and more swiftly bring about a ‘people-centered community of peace and prosperity.’

South Korea and its partners in ASEAN have demonstrated close ties during the pandemic by sharing disease prevention supplies.
South Korea also shared the techniques it’s adopted to stop the virus, such as drive-thru and walk-thru testing.
This year marks the tenth anniversary of South Korea and ASEAN’s strategic partnership.
President Moon emphasized the importance of economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region under a massive new free trade deal called the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, to be signed on Sunday.
On the same note, ASEAN suggested a comprehensive recovery framework aimed at a rapid economic recovery.
And President Moon was all for it.

“I hope ASEAN and South Korea can enjoy great prosperity together through the combination of the New Southern Policy Plus and the ASEAN Comprehensive Recovery Framework.”

In the past three years, South Korea and ASEAN have achieved some concrete developments such as a 26-percent increase in two-way trade.
Through this year’s summit, they hope to prepare for the post-pandemic era and turn it into an opportunity for development.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

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