President Moon Jae-in says South Korea will step up communication with the Joe Biden camp on various fronts, and make sure there’s no vacuum in the alliance or in the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.
In a meeting with his top aides on Monday, Moon stressed the government’s unwavering commitment to peace, expressing hope that based on coordination between Seoul and Washington,. the two Koreas themselves can play a more important role.
This was Moon’s first verbal message regarding Biden’s victory.

In particular, we will make sure that there won’t be any vacuum in the strengthening of the South Korea-U.S. alliance or in progress in the peace process on the Korean Peninsula. We will do our best to make sure the achievements made so far with the Trump administration are carried over and further developed with the incoming government.

Moon also expressed hope that they can seek new opportunities in inter-Korean relations.
He stressed that South Korea is ready to make efforts for peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and to build a joint community of life and safety.
Moon also called for continued efforts between the allies on the economic front, especially, highlighting that they share the goal of carbon neutrality and tackling climate change.

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