President Moon Jae-in has ordered South Korea’s fire fighters to do their best to save lives.
At an event to mark ‘Fire Fighters’ Day’ on Friday, he thanked the 150-thousand firefighters and 100-thousand volunteer firemen and women for their efforts to protect people’s safety as well as supporting COVID-19 quarantine measures.

Safety will be your repayment for the people’s trust. In particular, I urge you to draw up meticulous safety measures for those vulnerable to crises as well as fundamental measures against fires at construction sites and warehouses.

President Moon also called on the fire agency to step up its capacity to prepare for future disasters by incorporating tech, such as AI, the internet of things, robots and drones.
He also vowed to increase their workforce by 20-thousand by 2022.
The budget for the National Fire Agency has been earmarked at 195 million U.S. dollars for next year.

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