For another perspective on the U.S. election as it’s panning out so far, I’m joined in studio by David Tizzard, Professor of Politics at Seoul’s Women’s University.
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1. What do you make of the way the election is panning out from the exit polls and results we have seen so far?

2. Are you surprised by how well President Trump seems to be doing considering all the polls saying he didn’t stand much of a chance? It appears his notoriously loyal base has stood by him 100% despite the criticism he has received from the media and the Democrats over COVID-19.

3. As usual, this year’s U.S. presidential election has been garnering worldwide attention, but you could say this one more than most. There is no love lost between the two. Do you think the loser is going to concede in a respectful manner or do you foresee a bunch of court cases and civil unrest?

4. Before we go, Donald Trump or Joe Biden – who would be better for Seoul-Washington ties as well as the peace process with North?

Ok, David Tizzard, Professor of Politics at Seoul’s Women’s University., We appreciate you coming in We’ll have a much clearer picture soon on whether it is Trump or Biden re-entering the White House early next year. Thanks .

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