For more on the latest on the U.S. election, we connect live to Ian Phillips, vice-president of the international news division at the Associated Press. He’s based in New York City. Ian, thanks for joining us.

1. Would you agree that this has been one of the wildest and bizarre elections we’ve seen in years? And would you also say it is one of the most consequential not only for the U.S., but for the world?

2. The campaigns run by President Trump and his challenger Joe Biden couldn’t have been more different. Despite catching COVID-19, Trump campaigned relentlessly in the swing states in the final run-in and has been blitzing social media. Biden appeared far less frequently and did events in a drive-in format rather than in front of large, cheering crowds. The ‘optics’ couldn’t be more different. Which do you think was more appealing to American voters?

3. Do you think we are going to find out the winner in the coming hours or do you think it’s going to be delayed? And if it is delayed, how do you think Trump will react and to you forecast any civil unrest?

4. If Biden does lose, where does this leave the Democrats – many people assumed they might go back to the drawing board after Clinton lost in 2016, but they ended up selecting what many people would call another “establishment” figure, someone with a lot of his own baggage instead of someone fresh-faced

Ok, thanks for your insights, Ian. I’m sure you have a busy night ahead so we appreciate you joined us.

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