The Central Disease Control Headquarters said Tuesday that South Korea had 75 new COVID-19 cases, down 22 from Monday.
Although the number of cases has been under 100 for two consecutive days, health authorities are staying alert as cluster infections are still popping up at nursing homes and long-term care hospitals.
To curb further spread at those facilities, Vice Head 1 of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure headquarters Park Neunghoo said on Tuesday that the government will conduct pre-emptive tests for all people and staff at such facilities nationwide.
He added that by conducting pre-emptive tests at several nursing homes and long-term care hospitals since mid-October, the government was able to detect 22 coronavirus cases, stopping them from leading to mass infections.
While curbing the spread, the government is also going all out to boost spending by resuming its discount coupon program that was put on hold due to the surge in infections in August.
The government has already given out discount coupons for concerts, art exhibitions, movies, sports, travel and food.
And from 10 AM Wednesday, it will start issuing one million coupons giving discounts for accommodation.
People can book online and get a discount of 30-thousand won, around 27 U.S. dollars, on accommodation that costs 70-thousand won or less.
They can get a discount of 40-thousand won, around 35 dollars, on accommodation costing more than 70-thousand won.
Each person can use only one coupon and the discount will be for those who will use the lodging facilities between November 4th and December 23rd.
Eum Ji-young, Arirang News.

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