The South Korean government on Sunday announced its new five-stage social distancing measures.

“We are dividing the social distancing rules further from three levels into five to better reflect reality. We are also redesigning our disease prevention measures in a tailored fashion, to make them more effective.”

The five-level system will take effect from Saturday, November 7th.
The government will take into account the weekly average of daily COVID-19 cases to decide which level of social distancing measures will apply.
Level one social distancing measures apply on a regional basis if the daily average is below 100 cases in the capital area, or below 30 in other regions.
If there are more than 100 daily cases on average in the capital region, the rules will be raised a notch to level 1.5.
If there are over 300 cases nationally, the whole country will be put under level 2 measures.
400 to 500 national cases will prompt level 2.5 measures.
And between 800 and 1-thousand daily cases will result in level 3 measures.
The new measures also intend to provide some relief to local businesses that have been suffering the most due to the pandemic.
For example, PC rooms had previously been categorized as a high-risk facility, and under level 2.5 rules, they were forced to temporarily shut down.
The new measures separate facilities into those that need intensive monitoring, and those that require normal monitoring.
PC rooms are categorized as the latter, so they are now allowed to operate even under level 2.five, just not after 9 PM.
And under level 2 measures, PC rooms can fully operate as long as they have barriers between the seats and visitors wear masks indoors.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News

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