The South Korean government unveiled a revised, more detailed set of social distancing rules this afternoon.
Until now, there had been levels one through three, but now there’ll be levels 1.5 and 2.5 as well.
Yoon Jung-min reports.
In response to the persistent coronavirus threat, the South Korean government unveiled on Sunday new social distancing rules revised into five stages.
The detailed rules, which will go into effect from November 7th , aim to effectively curb the outbreak, while at the same time, help ease the fatigue people are feeling.
“We are dividing the social distancing rules further from three levels into five to better reflect reality. We are also redesigning our disease prevention measures to make them more tailored and to make them more effective.”
Under the revised rules, social distancing will have levels 1.5 and 2.5.
For level 1, there have to be fewer than 100 new cases a day in the capital area on average over the span of one week, and fewer than 30 on average in other regions.
The government will raise the level by another notch if the capital averages more than 100.
Level 2.5 will take effect if there are more than 400 cases, and level 3 for over 800.
Under Level 1.5, there will be limits on the size of gatherings.
Under Level 2, people will be asked to avoid unnecessary gatherings, and gatherings with over 100 people will be banned.
Under Level 2.5 and Level 3, even small gatherings will be banned, while bars and restaurants will have limited hours.
Also, in terms of monitoring, facilities will be put into one of two categories either intensive monitoring or less intensive monitoring.
Intensive will be for places such as bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes.
Less intensive includes wedding halls, movie theaters and stores.
Also, as announced previously, from November 13th, the government will fine people who don’t wear masks in places where they’re required.
Masks are required anywhere there are crowds, whether indoors or outdoors.
On Sunday, South Korea reported 124 new COVID-19 cases, the fifth straight day the figure has been in the triple digits.
Of them, one hundred one were locally transmitted.
The health authorities are closely monitoring new cluster infections this week, as there were large crowds out on some streets in Seoul and other regions on Saturday to celebrate Halloween.
Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.

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