On Wednesday, South Korea saw 103 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total to 26,one hundred 46.
Of Wednesday’s cases, 96 were local transmissions while seven came from overseas.
The greater Seoul area continues to see cluster infections stemming from high-risk facilities such as nursing homes and healthcare centers as well as small gatherings.
As the number of cases isn’t falling, the government has decided to reorganize its current social distancing measures. The changes will be announced on Sunday.

“The social distancing level will be adjusted considering the expanded capability of quarantine and medical care while making it based on regions, rather than as a nationwide measure.”

As for the upcoming Halloween celebrations that have worried health authorities, some major clubs in Seoul have voluntarily decided to close over the coming weekend until the third of November.
Seoul city government will make thorough inspections on some 150 open nightclubs and bars during the same period while restricting access to Halloween hot spots, and making it mandatory to sign in with a QR code and have a temperature check to enter certain streets.
Government officials will also be dispatched to crowded clubs to check whether people are wearing masks and keeping a safe distance.

“If a place is caught violating such measures, a ‘one-strike-out’ policy will be in place, meaning they must shut down for two weeks.”

From next month, health authorities will check sites with high numbers of foreigners, including religious facilities and employment agencies, to check if measures are being followed properly.
Authorities will provide support money for COVID-19 testing while eliminating the obligatory process of reporting to immigration so that undocumented immigrants can also get tested.
Choi Jeong-yoon, Arirang News.

Reporter : jychoi@arirang.com


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