Ultrafine dust levels in Seoul were raised to “bad” on Tuesday.
According to the Korea Environment Corporation’s Air Korea, it was the first time in 110 days to reach such levels, with some parts of the Capital area recording over 100 micrograms at dawn, which is three to four times more than on ordinary days.
However, the situation will slightly improve this afternoon.

An expert from the National Institute of Environmental Research says the surge is mainly caused by “fine dust blown in from offshore”.
In addition, Chinese smog passing through North Korea, and eventually blowing into the South is another reason for the surge.

“I was concerned about going out because of the fine dust. My throat feels sort of dry.”

Fine dust levels are forecast to reach higher levels starting next month, with cold weather approaching the peninsula and China preparing to increase energy use for heat during the winter months.

“The amount of fine dust will increase significantly starting from November as the heating season begins in China. As this winter is expected to be colder than last year, it is predicted that west winds will develop regularly. Moreover, there is also a high possibility of Chinese smog blowing into the country more than it did last year.”

With the worsening air pollution levels, it is now even more important for people to wear protective masks, not just against COVID-19 but also against fine dust.

Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.

Reporter : minjungc14@gmail.com


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