Students in South Korea will be able to take in-person classes more often starting Monday, with level one social distancing measure continuing throughout the country.
The attendance cap restrictions in kindergarten, primary and middle schools have been raised to two-thirds from a-third.
The two-thirds attendance cap restriction remains in place for high schools.
In the non-metropolitan area, local education offices and schools have the discretion to decide on their own cap, while stricter restrictions will remain in place for the greater Seoul area, which is reporting double-digit gains in the daily count of new COVID-19 cases.
However, first graders of elementary schools, including those in the metropolitan area, are expected to attend in-person classes almost every day to help them adapt to school life.

“The restriction for first graders of primary schools is needed to ensure they get accustomed to school life and gain basic learning capabilities.”

With such measures, health authorities are calling for more stringent compliance to quarantine measures at schools to guarantee a safe environment for students.

“There are a growing number of breaches of quarantine measures related to schools. Please continue to abide by personal quarantine measures.”

It’s now crucial that the government, schools, parents and students themselves exert concerted efforts to take extra special precautions.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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