South Korea reported 1-hundred-10 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday.
In the past two weeks, the daily numbers have been hovering around the one hundred mark.
And Thursday’s tally puts the figure into triple digits for the third time this month.

The recent spike comes from a series of cluster infections, including a major one in the country’s second largest city of Busan.
At a nursing home in the city, 53 cases have been confirmed after some 2-hundred-60 related people were tested for the virus.
With nursing homes once again emerging as a COVID-19 hotspot, health authorities are responding with aggressive measures.

“We will conduct a special inspection on all nursing homes in the Busan area. We will complete inspections on social distancing measures, the wearing of masks, and entry logs at these facilities by tomorrow.”

And the central government is planning to preemptively test some 160-thousand people in the capital region.

“For the capital region which is among the most affected areas, we are planning to conduct tests on everyone linked to nursing homes and related facilities.”

Other cluster infections around the country have come from gatherings of friends and family members.
These outbreaks are likely to come from gatherings over the Chuseok thanksgiving holiday.
But concerns grow as they come following the relaxation of restrictions this week.
Experts say protecting nursing homes is vital, with one of them suggesting “regular preemptive testing” at nursing homes is an option.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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