We start with the current COVID-19 situation here in South Korea.
New cases dropped back below 100 on Wednesday, but a big cluster infection in Busan means local health authorities are still on their guard.
Choi Won-jong with the details.
South Korea reports 84 new cases on Wednesday, a slight fall after the number of cases hit triple digits on Tuesday.
This brings the total number of cases to more than 24-thousand 800.
Of the new cases, 53 were from local transmissions, and 31 from overseas.
In Busan, health authorities reported a large cluster infection at a nursing home in the city.
According to the city’s health officials on Wednesday, 43 patients and 9 workers at the nursing home have tested positive so far.
These numbers are not included in Wednesday’s reported cases.
Due to the job responsibilities of nursing assistants who work closely with many elderly patients, the health authorities believe that there could be additional infections.
Recently, in the same area, there were multiple cases reported from restaurants, public bathhouses, and swimming pools.
Due to these recent infections, the Busan city government has closed 18 small parks and imposed stricter guidelines for local restaurants.
In a briefing on Wednesday, the government emphasized again that people need to continue to comply with the guidelines despite the easing of social distancing measures.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

Reporter : peterwjchoi@gmail.com


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