South Korea reported 102 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, seeing the number of daily infections go higher than one hundred for the first time in six days.
The government said that it’s not a surge in cases, but rather that the number is fluctuating based on the number and size of cluster infections.
Of the new cases, 69 were local and 33 were imported.
That brings South Korea’s total number of cases to 24-thousand and 805.
There was one additional death reported, raising the death toll to 434.
Most of the 69 local cases on Tuesday were from the capital area, with 18 from Seoul and 32 from Gyeonggi-do Province.
The number of imported cases was back in the 30s for the first time in 76 days.
This comes as 16 Russians in three ships entering a port in Busan tested positive for COVID-19 over three days.
One of the ships, which had 11 COVID-19 patients, refused to be treated in Korea and instead is heading back to Russia.
22 U.S. military personnel have also been confirmed positive over a two-week period.
Half of them tested positive at the airport and the rest tested positive at the second test after the two-week quarantine period.
Health authorities are advising people to follow the COVID-19 prevention guidelines even though the distancing measures have been eased.

“It’s mandatory to wear a face mask in crowded places like on public transport and at demonstrations. And also at medical facilities and nursing homes where people are vulnerable to infections.”

Those not following the regulations can be fined up to 100-thousand won, or around 90 U.S. dollars, starting from November 13th.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.

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