When a customer living on a small island orders products from a convenience store using a mobile app, instead of a delivery person collecting the package, a ‘delivery drone’ takes off.
The drone carrying the package flies across waters off Yeosu, at an altitude of up to 80 meters.
The drone flies with the package for 900 meters before landing. ( 1)
The package is then moved to a robot ( 2) that autonomously drives 700 meters to its final destination and delivers the package.
It only took about ten minutes for the customer to safely receive the products.
This shows that with self-driving robots, delivery services are possible even in places where it’s difficult for drones to land.
The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy partnered with a state-run research institute to demonstrate on Tuesday this new delivery system using a drone and an autonomous robot for the first time in South Korea.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, experts are forecasting a strong growth in the drone industry. We aim to lead the global drone market by boosting development in this field.”

The ministry said through drone deliveries that it expects to fully enhance consumers’ satisfaction and accelerate innovation in the logistics field.
It also added that with further development, it will be able to provide more convenience for those living on islands and in mountainous areas.
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.

Reporter : ejbae@arirang.com


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