“The cases could continue to go up and down, but overall, it’s showing a downward trend.”

Monday was part of those fluctuations, with South Korea reporting 98 new cases,.. after seeing the figure staying in double digits for five days in a row.
Of them, 69 were local transmissions.
And family gatherings have emerged as a new COVID-19 hotspot,.. part of the lingering effects of last month’s Chuseok thanksgiving holiday.
In the central city of Daejeon, 20 patients have been confirmed due to chain infections linked to a virus-hit family.
In another family, 7 people tested positive.
Other cluster infections include a meeting of friends and an army base in Yangju City, where 5 soldiers have been confirmed to have the virus.
There were also 29 imported cases, the highest figure since late July.

“The surge is attributed to a cluster infection linked to 13 Nepalis.”

The uptick in cases comes on the day the country goes back to Level One distancing, prompting the government to only partially ease restrictions.
Starting October 19th, kindergartens and elementary and middle schools can take up to 2/3 of students in classrooms, like high schools currently do.
Students will likely be divided into morning and afternoon groups, allowing them to attend school every day.
High-risk facilities like singing rooms and large private academies will resume business under strict guidelines.
And so will senior care centers and daycare centers.
Restrictions on soldiers’ vacation will also be lifted.
And professional sports facilities will bring back spectators while limiting capacity to 30 percent.
However, door to door sales seminars will remain prohibited.
And for the capital region, mass rallies are still banned, as are group gatherings, and dining inside churches.
These measures are aimed at minimizing risks amid the country’s efforts to help the economy recover.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

Reporter : kelee@arirang.com


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