The South Korean government has lowered its social distancing policy to Level one, the lowest on the country’s three-tier social distancing scheme.
This comes as the average daily cases of COVID-19 have dropped to around 60 for the past two weeks and as the virus reproduction rate has dropped below one.

“The government has taken into account the level of fatigue experienced by the public due to prolonged distancing measures and their negative effect on the economy.”

Beginning Monday, gatherings of more than 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors will be allowed.
But restrictions apply for events with more than 100 people, limiting the capacity to one per four square meters.
Ten high-risk facilities, including singing rooms and large-scale private academies, will be able to resume operations, but with limited number of people.
As for professional sports events, fans will be admitted, but stadiums have to reduce their occupancy to 30 percent of capacity.

“Mask wearing will be mandated for public transportation, rallies and public venues. Starting November 13th, people who fail to wear masks will be subject to a penalty of around 85 U.S. dollars.”

However, Level two distancing measures will be in place partially throughout the greater capital area, in which the majority of the latest cases have been concentrated.
Indoor gatherings of over 50 people and outdoor events of over 100 people will still be banned, while quarantine measures will be mandated for facilities deemed to have higher risk of infection restaurants, wedding halls and private academies.
Eateries and coffee shops will have to keep a one meter distance between tables.
Churches in the metropolitan area can convene in-person services, with only 30 percent of their total capacity.
A gathering ban will remain in place for door-to-door sales facilities and the promotional events they host, which have been one of the major sources of the latest outbreak.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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