A village in the city of Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do Province is being put in isolation with its residents restricted from leaving for two weeks. This comes after around 16 percent of its population tested positive for COVID-19.

A woman in her 30s was first diagnosed with the virus in the village on Monday leading officials to test and trace those who she came into contact with during the Chuseok holiday.

Seven of her family members, including her four children, older brother and her parents-in-law, all tested positive along with one other resident.
Quarantine officials conducted further tests and later three additional people were confirmed to have contracted the virus. But none were found to have had direct contact with the family.

Officials now believe that the woman may not be the so-called “super-spreader” and instead say that a wedding reception held on September 26th could be the source.

“Besides the residents, about 10 or more guests from Seoul and other regions also attended the event and so we are currently conducting tests on them.”

As well as not being allowed to leave the village for two weeks, farms are restricted to “minimal agricultural activities” and gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed.
The city has also closed down child care facilities as well as nursing homes in the area.
Min Suk-hyen, Arirang News.

Reporter : shmin@arirang.com


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