South Korea reported 75 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, of them 66 were locally transmitted and 9 were from overseas.
It’s the sixth day in a row that the numbers have been below 100.
Also, the amount of cases where health authorities are unable to trace the source has fallen below 20 percent a significant drop from its peak of 28 percent.
The number of new cases was in the triple digits last Wednesday when the Chuseok holiday began, but it has fallen throughout the holiday.
However, health authorities are still concerned over a possible “silent spread” of the virus, as many people would have traveled across the nation during the holiday.

“It is very important now to be tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible, and go into early quarantine. If you have symptoms such as a cough and fever after being in contact with a lot of people, do not go to school or work, and please get tested at the nearest COVID-19 testing center.”

Even though the Chuseok holiday ended on Sunday, the level-2 social distancing measures, which ban indoor meetings with more than 50 people and outdoor events with more than 100 people, will continue for another week.
Among Tuesday’s locally transmitted cases, 51 came from the greater Seoul area, with 13 reported in Seoul and 38 in the surrounding Gyeonggi-do Province and Incheon.
The total number of confirmed cases now stands at more than 24-thousand.
The death toll remained at 422 as there were no additional deaths.
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.

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