Starting next Tuesday, people will be required to wear masks on public transportation, at demonstration sites, and in healthcare facilities.
Children under 14 and adults who can’t wear face masks for medical reasons will be exempt but other than those all will have to wear face masks.
Under the new rule, scarfs and other types of face coverings that cannot protect others from the virus will not be allowed for use.
Only masks that have been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety such as KF94 will be accepted.

At a briefing Sunday, health minister Park Neung-hoo called for public cooperation in the country’s quarantine efforts reiterating the importance of face masks.

“Since a COVID-19 vaccine is not available yet, masks are the only effective way to prevent infection.”

Those who do not wear a face mask will face a fine of up to 85 U.S. dollars
Also, people who wear masks under their nose will be subject to fines for noncompliance.

A 30-day grace period, until November 12th, will be in place allowing the public time to adjust to the rule, while local governments can adjust the grace period depending on their virus situation.
Min Suk-hyen, Arirang News.

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