South Korea reported 38 new cases on Tuesday, the first time there have been fewer than 50 since early August.
Of the new cases, 23 were local and 15 from overseas.
This brings the total to more than 23,600.
The health authorities are on alert, as people start to travel across the country.

“This week, we urge you to spend the holiday with a higher degree of awareness than in previous years. Please do not visit family because of the risk of spreading the virus. There are two risk factors family gatherings and travel.”

With sporadic cluster infections still occuring at small gatherings and senior citizen community centers, the government has imposed new measures as part of a ‘special virus prevention period.’
It has banned gatherings of more than 50 people indoors and more than a hundred outdoors, meaning there’ll be none of the usual festivals or traditional games, and no spectators at sporting events.

However, the health authorities are also urging people to comply with preventive measures indoors.
These measures include wearing masks when reconnecting with family you haven’t seen in a while, opening windows often for ventiliation, and when eating with family sitting a least a meter apart, or at least not across from each other, when possible.

The government has also launched a campaign called ‘Shim,’ which in Korean means ‘rest.’
Through multiple platforms, it’s urging people not to travel or move around unnecessarily during Chuseok and to enjoy some rest instead.
People are encouraged to explore the meaning of rest by taking part in writing competitions and to learn how to overcome the negative emotions caused by COVID-19.
With millions of people expected to travel during Chuseok, the government said its priority is to control risk factors and prevent another wave of the virus in the fall and winter.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

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