Seoul Station is one of South Korea’s major transport hubs as it connects the capital with many other major cities around the country.
With the Chuseok holiday starting on Wednesday, Korail, Korea’s national train operator, and the company which runs Seoul Station, is on its toes due to the threat of COVID-19.
Tickets for the Chuseok period were sold online or over the phone and not in person and only window seats were available for purchase – 50% fewer than normal. Tickets for peak times such as at the beginning and end of the holiday break, sold out during the pre-sale period.
Especially for the occasion, Seoul Station has installed new temperature monitors to make sure no one with a suspected fever gets on board.

“If a passenger has a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, they will be isolated in this room. They will be given a few minutes to cool down and their temperature will be checked again. If it doesn’t fall, the employees will contact health authorities for further help.”

It will also be a busy time for those making sure the station is kept sanitized.
This team in yellow vests goes through the station to make sure nothing is overlooked.
They use mops and rags soaked in sanitizing agents.
And no one or thing gets in their way.
From lounges to platformsticket booths to escalator handles their ability to work as a team is crucial.

“Without exceptions, we disinfect every two hours. We are doing our best to keep passengers safe so they can use the trains without having to worry.”

While the most of the country will be enjoying their holidays, this team and others who are carrying out quarantine and disinfection measures, will need to continue their hard work for the safety of others.

“As always, safety safety safety “

Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News

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