As small-sized cluster infections continue to pop up in South Korea, local health authorities remain alert.
To prevent another wave hitting during the Chuseok holiday period, the government’s ‘Chuseok special virus prevention period’ has started.

“Starting Monday, we will apply more detailed and stricter preventive COVID-19 measures for two weeks.”

In accordance with the special virus prevention period, new regulations will be added to social distancing level two.
Gatherings of more than 50 people indoors and more than 100 people outdoors will remain prohibited.
That means local festivals and traditional games will have to be held with a limited number of spectators.
Professional sports, including soccer, baseball and the popular traditional Korean wrestling – Ssireum, will be played without any spectators.
In the capital area, stricter measures are imposed on multi-use facilities.
Restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries with 20 or more seats will have to keep customers at least a meter apart.
If impossible to do so, customers will need to sit one seat or even a table apart or have barriers between the tables.
Customers at movie theaters, PC rooms and concert halls in Seoul and its surrounding area also have to sit a seat apart, wear face masks and sign an entry log.
Amusement parks and water parks need to limit the number of visitors to half their capacity and only take people who have made reservations.
In addition to that, 11 high-risk facilities in the capital region such as nightclubs, hostess bars, and singing rooms will be closed for two weeks.
National and public facilities such as museums and libraries that are considered relatively safer will reopen,. but they’ll be required to limit their number of visitors to half the usual amount.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.

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