More than 500-thousand students in South Korea this year will be taking the College Scholastic Ability Test, also known as ‘Suneung’ under stricter virus prevention guidelines.
The education minister said on Monday that the national college entrance exam will still take place on December 3rd, even if the social distancing measures are raised to the highest level.

“The Education Ministry will prepare for the 2021 national college entrance exam with thorough preventive measures that will be applied with much stricter guidelines than the measures in 2010.”

In the past, the number of students per testing room was 28 people, but the government has lowered the maximum number of students in a room to 24 as a preventive measure.
All test-takers must take exams with a barrier in front of their desks.
Most importantly, if the students have symptoms of COVID-19 such as a fever, they will be escorted to separate rooms to take the exam.
Students who have been self-isolating will also take the exam at a separate testing site.
Those who have been confirmed with COVID-19 will take the tests at hospitals or recovery facilities under supervision.
This year, the number of testing sites has increased to 33,173, which is a 58-percent jump from the last year.
Due to the stricter virus prevention measures at the sites, nearly 130-thousand people will be helping out with the exams, a more than 30-percent increase from last year.
The government will provide protective gear such as masks, gowns, goggles, and face protection for those supervising the exam.
Starting on November 26th a week before the exam date, all high school students will take classes online to help make sure they don’t catch the virus before the big day.
The ministry also urged students to avoid unnecessary travel and comply with government guidelines.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

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