The number of new coronavirus cases in South Korea has stayed below a hundred for a second straight day.
But the country is coming to a crossroads with a major holiday coming up and the potential for the virus to spread uncontrolled.
Ahead of that, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun has asked the public to adhere to a set of stricter preventative measures that will take effect from tomorrow.
Min Suk-hyen reports.
South Korea reported 95 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, marking the second straight day with fewer than a hundred.
Among the latest cases, 73 were local infections,… mostly centered around the capital region, … while the rest of them were from overseas.
This brings the total number of infections nationwide to 23,611.
Two more fatalities were reported, raising the death toll to 401.
Ahead of the Chuseok holiday, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun urged people to adhere to the guidelines, which include staying home and refraining from visiting family and relatives.
He also warned political groups that street rallies will be strictly banned because of the risk that they could help the virus spread.
“The government will not approve street rallies during the holiday and will seek to prevent them. We call on civic groups to withdraw their plans for protests.”
Chung also made it clear that anyone taking part in a demonstration will face immediate arrest.
Starting Monday, South Korea will enact special anti-virus measures for two weeks during and after the Chuseok holiday.
Under the new set of guidelines, “high-risk facilities,” such as bars, clubs and buffets, will be closed while cafes, restaurants and movie theaters .will have to make sure customers are seated a safe distance apart from each other.
The Seoul city government said, however, that during the holiday period it will allow public outdoor sports and cultural facilities to partially resume operations.
Min Suk-hyen, Arirang News.

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