Health authorities unveiled a set of stricter social distancing guidelines for the greater Seoul area for the Chuseok holidays.
High risk facilities like bars and buffets are ordered to close.
Choi Won-jong has the details.
South Korea is going to impose tighter social distancing measures during a ‘special virus prevention period’ for the upcoming Chuseok national holiday.
The health authorities on Friday expressed concerns over a potential resurgence of large-scale infections as people travel to visit their families.
“Considering that COVID-19 spread rapidly right after people traveled for the holidays in May and August, Chuseok is likely to be similiar.”
From September 28th to October 11th, the government will keep social distancing at level 2 in the capital area, meaning 11 high-risk facilities such as nightclubs, hostess bars, and singing rooms will be closed.
But these measures will now be nationwide for clubs, bars, and ‘colatheque’ discos for at least the first of the two weeks and potentially longer, at the discretion of local governments.
In the capital area, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries with 20 or more seats will have to keep customers at least a meter apart.
If impossible to do so, customers need to sit one seat apart or even a table apart with barriers between them.
Customers at movie theaters also have to sit a seat apart, wear masks and sign an entry log.
Under social distancing level 2, the government will continue to prohibit gatherings of more than 50 people indoors and more than 100 people outdoors.
That means none of the usual festivals or traditional games.
There will, however, be an opportunity to go to public facilities like museums and libraries, which have been closed but will reopen on a limited basis.
During the holiday, people are allowed to use PC rooms and eat food inside.
However, people are still not allowed to go to sporting events, and most church services will still have to be online.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

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