“Inclusiveness” and “multilateralism”.
These two words could not have been emphasized enough by President Moon Jae-in as they appeared on numerous occasions while addressing the United Nations General Assembly.
During Moon’s fourth address, which took place on Wednesday, the President said that a “more inclusive world through multilateral action can overcome the COVID-19 pandemic”.

“The answer to overcome COVID-19 is not far from us. It lies in returning to the spirit of the UN Charter, that is believing in universal values of humankind, and it lies in marching toward a more inclusive world through multilateral action.”

The efforts of the international community in overcoming COVID-19 has shown that humanity can help recreate a greener Earth.
President Moon said that with the UN playing a key role, he anticipates greater international cooperation to take place in improving the environment.
This would require different emissions reduction quotas for developing countriesto allow them to catch up with the more advanced economies.
As a country that has been through the process of industrialization, South Korea plans to share its experience with developing countries to actively participate in climate-oriented action.

“Next year, Korea will hold the second P4G Summit in Seoul, which will serve as an occasion to affirm the importance of global solidarity in responding to climate change.”

In line with strengthening inclusiveness in international cooperation, South Korea will actively support COVID-19 vaccine development and affordable distribution for developing nations.
President Moon remarked that distributing a vaccine equally will put the UN’s idea of inclusive multilateralism into practice.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

Reporter : yoohong@arirang.com


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