South Korea saw the number of daily COVID-19 infections return to triple digits on Wednesday, reporting 110 new cases after 3 days below a hundred.
Of the newly confirmed cases, 99 were locally transmitted
with Seoul and its surrounding area accounting for over 70 percent of those cases.
The reported cases include cluster infections at office buildings and apartments in Seoul’s Gangnam-gu District and the Yeouido area.
Officials are still worried about the upcoming Chuseok holiday when many people are expected to travel around the country.
They say that quite some time may have to pass before social distancing is eased to Level 1.

“What happens in the next few weeks, which include the Chuseok holiday and Hangeul Day, will decide whether we can return to Level 1 social distancing or whether we go through a rough, risky autumn.”

Starting next Monday, the authorities are going to take special quarantine measures across the country until October 11th, which covers Chuseok and a three-day weekend for Hangeul Day.
In collaboration with local governments, the authorities plan to deploy some 3,two-hundred personnel to tourist attractions to prevent overcrowding, sanitize facilities and make sure people follow the rules.
Nursing homes will remain, in principle, closed to outside visitors.
Before next Monday, other measures will be announced, which could include adding more public health clinics and screening centers.

While the total number of cases has risen, the number of critical cases has dropped,
and no new deaths have been reported.
The total number of cases to date is now 23,216, while the death toll remains at 388.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang news.

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