Schools in the greater Seoul area opened to students again on Monday after being forced to resort to online learning due to elevated social distancing measures.
Since the capital area, which was under level 2.5 social distancing, has been eased back to level two, a third of students in kindergarten as well as elementary and middle schools are back in the classroom.
As for high schools, during the tightened measures, a third were allowed to continue going to school.
They were all seniors preparing for their college entrance exams.
Now, an additional third of high schoolers are back in class.
The Minister of Education said she will work with regional education heads to minimize the learning gap among students due to the prolonged period of online classes while also trying to get more students back in the classroom.

“We will decide on whether to have more in-school learning from October 12th. This will be implemented after analyzing both the trend of COVID-19 and the various regional situations.”

Schools are taking extra measures to make sure students are safe.

“Students’ temperatures are taken as they enter the school grounds. If a student has a high temperature, they are sent home.”

Inside school, students have to maintain a safe distance between each other and they have to wear face masks at all times.
In addition, cafeterias have installed clear screens to divide students during lunch breaks.
Some 40 percent of schools in South Korea are located within the capital area, and with the country going under a special quarantine period during the upcoming Chuseok holidays, schools are doing all they can to ensure that, this time, their doors can remain open.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.

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