With the pandemic continued to linger, a local district in Seoul has come up with a new type of COVID-19 test centerwith quicker and safer screening methods.
This so-called ‘non-contact test center’ opened Monday in the Seocho-gu District of Seoul, to minimize unnecessary contact between possible COVID-19 patients and medical workers.
The process is simple.
Once individuals arrive, they are asked to provide their personal information.
Next, they will be escorted to a member of staff who will ask questions based on their symptoms.
Then, they will move to another room where doctors will take nose swab samples.
What makes the center non-contact are: the door handleswhich have thermal sensors for hands-free access.
Also, the staff and patients are always separated by glasswith microphones in each room for smooth communication.

“Once the samples are collected, the room is disinfected. Disinfectant is sprayed automatically after the individuals leave, and a sterilization lamp stays on for about 8 minutes before the next person enters.”

The center is able to carry out up to five-hundred tests a day and, without the need to wear heavy protective gear, offers comfortable conditions for doctors and staff.

“We don’t need to wear Level D protective equipment anymore, or work in a negative pressure room so it’s much more comfortable .”

There is also an X-ray room and a waiting area for potentially large groups of people requiring checks.
This non-contact test center will be able to help the on-site medical workers carry out COVID-19 checks safely and comfortably, even during hot weather or the upcoming cold winter.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.

Reporter : peterwjchoi@gmail.com


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