Our starting point tonight: South Korea reporting the lowest Covid-19 tally in about a month at 1-hundred-and-9 today as the country begins new social distancing guidelines in the greater capital area.
Of those 1-hundred-and-nine, 98 were local infections and 41 of them in the capital region.
Although the number of new, daily infections has not dropped to double digits, the country decided to ease the stringent social distancing in the Seoul Metro Area citing the downward trend and worries about public livelihoods.
Even President Moon Jae-in said walking a fine line between virus control and keeping the economy up and running is inevitable for the time being.

“These are the minimum measures we can take to keep a tight quarantine while at the same time helping small business owners and the self-employed keep their livelihoods.”

Public health officials here remain on their toes with sporadic cluster infections still popping up in and around the capital area.
Despite the relaxation of social distancing curbs, the City of Seoul extended its ban on protests involving ten or more people until October 11th.

Reporter : yeonseungkim@arirang.com


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