South Korea on Monday confirmed an additional 109 cases of COVID-19.
Of them, 98 are local infections and most were concentrated in the capital region.
Even though the number of confirmed cases remains above 100, officials and the public are happy to see a clear downward trend in terms of new infections.
Monday’s new cases were down by twelve compared to Sunday.
Also, for two straight days, the capital region only saw double-digit increases.
However, health officials are staying on their toes.
With the eased level two social distancing measures taking effect and the Korean thanksgiving holiday of Chuseok a couple of weeks away, concerns linger over a possible fresh wave of infections as it’s a time when millions of Koreans typically travel throughout the country.
As a result, special virus prevention measures will be put in place prior to the start of the holiday.

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Level two distancing measures will be in effect for two weeks until September 27th. Also, we will classify the Chuseok holiday starting from September 28th to October 11th as a ‘special quarantine period’ and strengthen prevention measures.
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Under the eased rules, customers can now eat and drink inside cafes, and in restaurants even after 9 PM as long as they strictly adhere to the virus prevention rules, such as contact tracing, social distancing measures and mask-wearing.
PC rooms, that had been classified as high-risk facilities, can also now reopen under the eased level 2 distancing measures.
On Monday, five more people in South Korea died from COVID-19.
The commissioner of Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, Jeong Eun-kyeong, said she aims to have a domestically-produced vaccine ready by next year.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News.

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