This Saturday South Korea will be launching a new independent agency for infections diseases.
And to lead the new agency, President Moon Jae-in has formally appointed Jung Eun-kyeong, the current head of the KCDC, who’s been at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19.
For the first time under the Moon administration, the president went to the appointee rather the other way around.

It may be more of an honor to hold the appointment ceremony with more formality at the Blue House, but we had to consider that she cannot leave her post even for a moment, and so I thought it would be more meaningful to hold the ceremony with the staff here, who are also the main players in the elevation of the agency to its new place.

“I believe the upgrade is a reflection of the people’s wish for a systematic, professional and preemptive response to infectious diseases that threaten their health and endanger our society, and to swiftly overcome the COVID-19 crisis.”

Jeong promised that the new agency will do its best to help the country overcome COVID-19.

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