South Korea on Wednesday confirmed one-hundred-55 new cases of COVID-19, almost all of them transmitted locally.
Of those, almost a third were in Seoul.
Ten of the cases are part of a new cluster infection at Yonsei Severance Hospital, prompting the hospital to close the affected ward and to temporarily stop offering outpatient care.
This is the eighth day in a row the daily number has been below two hundred, representing a big decline from late August, when there were more than 400 in a single day.
But officials are warning against complacency.
Health minister Park Neung-hoo said that sporadic cluster infections can unexpectedly pop up from small gatherings and markets, and quickly spread among friends and family.
The concern is that with numbers coming down, a false sense of security could lead to another surge.

“Please remember the merchants who had to their close shops and are now in despair. Please think of our children who still can’t see their friends at school even now in the second semester.”

Health officials are doing everything they can to contain the virus, but they say the entire nation has to cooperate with the government’s prevention measures to bring the number of cases down.

“To keep the trend going down and to make sure our disease control is stable, I ask you to truly focus on practicing social distancing.”

After monitoring the numbers this coming weekend, officials will announce whether the level 2.5 social distancing measures in the greater Seoul area will be extended or eased.
In the mean time, officials are strongly urging people to stay at home for the last four days of this week.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News.

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