South Koreans aged 13 and over will be getting a one-off discounts of 20-thousand won, or about 17 U.S. dollars, off their phone bills.
The decision was made Wednesday in meeting between President Moon Jae-in and top lawmakers from the ruling party to provide some consolation to people enduring the pandemic and its consequences.
The subsidy will be funded through the government’s fourth extra budget, which will be finalized on Thursday.
Also with the Chuseok holiday coming up, Moon and the ruling party agreed to encourage gift-purchasing, but not travel, because of COVID-19.
They’ll do that through various measures, including raising the cap on gifts of meat, fish and produce when given to people working in certain industries subject to a tough anti-corruption law.
President Moon also ordered officials to review plans to extend a tax deduction of 50 percent of the rent reductions landlords give to their tenants.

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