The decision to suspend the two week long strike is a welcome step for South Korea’s hospitals, currently working on a skeleton staff due to the walk out.
However, the Korean Interns and Residents Association have said that, despite them ending their strike, they won’t return to work just yet.
With the end of the strike announced, trainee doctors were expected to return to work at 7AM Monday, but instead, they plan to hold an online meeting with all KIRA members at 1PM, to decide on any future course of action.
According to the association’s president, its members will return to work after it receives a written promise from the government that it won’t push ahead with its medical reform plans, including a move to increase the medical student quota and establish a public medical school.
The nation’s medical licensing examination, previously set for September 1st, will be held on Tuesday, after 90-percent of the potential test takers expressed their intent to refuse to sit the exam, protesting the government’s reform plans.
The government has extended the deadline for registration to midnight Sunday.
Officials say there will be no more extensions, and those who miss the deadline will have to take the exam after November.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.

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