The South Korean government and the country’s medical practitioners continue to clash over the former’s medical reform plans that include expanding the number of medical school admissions.
Heads of medical students and trainee doctors’ associations launched an emergency body of young doctors this week to counter the government’s tough stance on the nationwide walk-out by thousands of trainee doctors.
They’ve been urging the government to withdraw its plans and re-negotiate from square one.
On top of this, they’re also calling for the government to stipulate its plans in writing before they return to work.

“We pledge to immediately rgo back to work once we reach an agreement with the government to stipulate in writing its plan to scrap policies and to re-negotiate from the start.”

The government, on the other hand, says it will engage in candid dialogue if trainee doctors come up with a suitable alternative.

“The government has already unconditionally halted forwarding policies on expanding the medical school admissions quota to the Education Ministry, and all options will be open after we overcome the COVID-19 crisis.”

During the strike, the government is also mulling over dispatching army doctors to private hospitals.
The health ministry reportedly made a request to the defense ministry, and more than 20 army doctors are expected to be mobilized across infectious disease designated hospitals in Seoul and Incheon.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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