With level two.five distancing measures applied across the capital region, many businesses are already very quiet this week. If Seoul reaches level three, it means even medium-risk facilities will be closed.

For now, only high-risk facilities like singing rooms and computer cafes are closed, while restaurants and bars must close early and franchise coffee shops can only offer take-out or delivery services.
However, if level three distancing rules are applied, cafes must close completely, along with other medium-risk facilities like restaurants, private educational institutions, and wedding halls.
Gatherings of more than 10 people will be prohibited and no sports games can be held.
Except for essential personnel,… employees at public institutions must work from home and those working at private firms are advised to do the same.
Imposing level three the highest level of distancing measures is the last resort for the South Korean government as it would greatly harm the economy.
Medical experts say that even though we are not currently at level three, people should try to stay at home whenever possible.

“People should act as though level three distancing measures have already been applied. Don’t go to a meeting that you don’t have to be at and try to avoid going out.”

Until the outbreak is under control, people should strictly follow the COVID-19 prevention guidelines like wearing a face mask and staying away from others.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.

Reporter : tommyjang@arirang.com


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