A week has passed since the Seoul city government made it mandatory to wear masks in public, except when eating or drinking.
People found the rules unclear, however, so the city has released detailed guidelines.
The guidelines say masks do not need to be worn when driving cars alone or with family members.
Infants younger than 24 months and people with respiratory diseases are also exempt, as are professionals who can’t work while wearing a mask, such as actors, certain musicians and athletes.
Everyone else will have to wear masks when in public indoor spaces, including their workplaces and public transport.
They also have to wear them outdoors if it’s difficult to maintain a distance of two meters.
The rules say masks have to cover the nose and mouth, meaning wearing a mask tucked under the chin isn’t good enough.

“Please wear your mask and completely cover your mouth and nose when heading outside. Also, try not to touch the mask’s surface and please stick to mask-wearing guidelines”
Violators can be fined up to 100-thousand won, or about 85 U.S. dollars, but not until a grace period ends on October 12th.
The city says the mask policy will remain in place until social distancing is lowered from the current level two to level one.
The city is pleading with people to follow the guidelines, but violations continue.
Just this past weekend, 40 churches in the Seoul metropolitan area were caught holding worship services in person, which is against the rules.
Meanwhile this week, in addition to the new mask rules and stricter social distancing, Seoul will be running fewer buses in the evening to encourage people to go home at night and not stay out.
Han Seong-woo, Arirang News.

Reporter : alicosell@arirang.com


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