Because of the pandemic, school, work and even politics in South Korea have had to move online.
The ruling Democratic Party on Saturday livestreamed its new chairmanship election on YouTube, where in a three-way race former prime minister Lee Nak-yon won over 60 percent of the vote.
It was the first time a South Korean political party has held a virtual national convention.
They’re usually in a big stadium with tens of thousands of people, but this time, only about 10 people were there at the party’s headquarters.
The incoming chairman was not at the headquarters, however he’s in self-quarantine having recently been at the same radio station where someone caught the virus.
So, instead, Lee Nak-yon gave his speech from home,… pledging his utmost efforts tin the war against COVID-19.

For the Democratic Party to fight this war more effectively and systematically, the existing national crisis committee will be expanded and renewed, and I will be leading that committee.

The outgoing party leader Lee Hae-chan, also in self-quarantine, spoke as well.
He’s in isolation at home, as are several other party lawmakers, after learning that a photojournalist who covered a party meeting tested positive.
That case forced the National Assembly to shut down, and prompted him on Friday, his last day as leader, to give a press briefing online for the first time.

“What do you believe to be the reason for the drop in your party’s support rate?”

“A party’s support rate can always go up and down depending on how it responds to national issues.”

Parliament reopened on Sunday.
But to avoid another shutdown in the future, lawmakers are considering making the entire National Assembly a virtual house, where all procedures are done remotely, including voting.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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