From Sunday, South Korea has strengthened social distancing rules in the capital region for a period of eight days until September 6th in an attempt to contain the virus.
Coffee shop chains are not allowed to let people eat or drink inside they can only get take-out or delivery.
Restaurants, bakeries and bars in the region are not allowed to admit customers between 9 PM and 5 AM.
All indoor sports facilities such as gyms and billiard halls have to close as do study cafes and private academies in the capital region have to move their classes online.

Also, newly announced on Sunday, the city of Seoul is going to reduce the number of buses operating after 9 PM starting Monday until September 6th.
This will affect 325 bus routes, excluding night buses, small neighborhood buses, and the twenty most crowded routes.
This is in line with Seoul’s acting mayor, Seo Jeong-hyup, asking the city’s 10 million citizens to fully adhere to the quarantine measures and give up their normal routines for just a week.
The health authorities are asking the same.

“These measures require a lot of people to endure inconveniences. We need to practice social distancing thoroughly during this short period of time to stop the virus from spreading. By implementing these measures, we can shorten this time of suffering.”

On Sunday, South Korea confirmed 299 new cases of COVID-19.
Of those, 283 were local transmissions, mostly in the greater capital region comprising Seoul, Gyeonggi-do Province and Incheon, where there were 203.
17 new cases were linked to Sarang Jaeil Church in Seoul’s northern Seongbuk-gu District, bringing the total in that cluster to 1,035.
On top of that, another 62 new cases were linked to the demonstrations held on August 15th in central Seoul, raising that cluster to 369.
The outbreak linked to the demonstration is spreading even to the city of Daegu, which has confirmed 34 cases so far.
With new cases appearing across the country, the health authorities are asking people to follow personal hygiene guidelines and to refrain from meeting people so that the country can overcome the crisis by working together.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.

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