South Korea reported 3-hundred-71 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday.
That’s a slight dip from the previous day, when the figure broke the 4-hundred mark for the first time since the country’s first wave back in February and March.
The majority of cases are concentrated in the capital region, mostly linked to a virus-hit church and a mass rally.
Now the area’s total number of cases is around 72-hundred, overtaking Daegu — once the epicenter of South Korea’s outbreak.
But concerns are growing across the country as cluster infections are popping up far from the capital.
As of Friday, cases outside the capital region take up about 28 percent of the cases reported in the past two weeks, jumping drastically from the previous 6 percent.
This means South Korea could see the worst case scenario.

“COVID-19 patients are on a continuous rise, making it more evident that we are heading into a large scale viral wave.”

At the center of the latest local transmissions are churches, where 14-hundred cases were reported from 12 different locations, prompting the government to call for extra caution.

“Starting this weekend, all churches should shift to online services and restrict in-person gatherings and group dining.”

The coming days will be key to containing the outbreak, as the government saysif the situation isn’t brought under control, the country could see up to 8-hundred to two thousand daily cases next week.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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