South Korea’s trainee doctors are sticking to their guns on their strike despite the return-to-work order issued by the government on Wednesday.
The order, first to be issued on interns, residents and doctors instead of a specific hospital, comes amid the latest rebound in the number of COVID-19 patients in the metropolitan area.
The striking medical practitioners insist an order defies their right to collective action.

“If a single trainee or fellow doctor faces a criminal charge, all members have no other choice but to strongly resist the government’s action by staging an indefinite walk-out.”

While the trainee doctors had said they would partially return to COVID-19 screening clinics, they changed their stance on Wednesday, saying they will carry out coronavirus-related work in the form of voluntary service.
They also claim they will not be taking any qualifying examinations either, with some even preparing to submit letters of resignation on Thursday.
Medical practitioners have been clashing with the government, after the latter announced medical reform plans, which includes boosting the number of doctors to deal with future health crises.
While the government continues to explain the two sides failed to reach a compromise over its proposal, the health professionals say the government’s proposal was unilaterally devised, stressing it was not a form of agreement.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.

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