WASHINGTON – Today, Acting Under Secretary for International Trade Joe Semsar unveiled the International Trade Administration’s (ITA) new web presence. The enhanced Trade.gov and Export.gov provides a best-in-class, digital approach in connecting ITA clients with export and trade data, research, services, and experts.


“The most exciting aspect of today’s web launch is the fundamental change in how we do digital at ITA, and how it will enable U.S. companies to engage in foreign markets,” said Acting Under Secretary Semsar. “With a dedicated team of digital experts in strategy, user experience design, content management, analytics, testing, e-commerce, and development, ITA is looking to the future and making digital advancement a fundamental part of our business.”


Some of the key elements of the new presence include a design focused on user needs that utilizes qualitative and quantitative data-driven analytics for management, continuous testing for optimization, a consistent design and appearance, functional search capabilities across all content, and mobile readiness.


Additional features that will increase user experience, including new apps that support dynamic vetting of client export opportunities, access to interactive global and domestic trade statistics, a personalized client portal experience, and enhanced self-service powered by artificial intelligence will be introduced in the coming months.




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