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No matter what business you’re in — especially in Tourism — it’s important to inform people that you’re still in the business and ready to re-open to all, as we have come to post-Covid 19 time.

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Image Credit: Koichi_Hayakawa, find47.jp

Topic News PR (https://www.topicnews.cn) specializes in Asia press release distribution — including Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea.

Topic News Asia press release distribution service features:

  • Affordable prices to value,
  • Hand-picked media to fit your industry and audience,
  • SEO benefits and guarantee top media coverage, Google SEO and Baidu SEO
  • Multi-media channels including videos and audio press releases.

It’s a great opportunity to re-build and boost market presence in Asia, and Topic News PR guarantee the best value for result.

*Topic News is a google news publisher.

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