Carter-Williams Review 2021 – What is so appealing about the broker? (

I know I had to do this for a long time but trust me I could not find the time. I have an idea how much I have learned over the years and how imperative it is that I pass it on before I retire. I meet individuals who are on the verge of giving up every day because of all the hindrances which seem unavoidable to them. I acknowledge how much they teach you as a trader but they cost a lot. I am here to make you learn some of these without having to suffer financially. 

Forex firms made it to the trading world when everything was going digital. People had no idea back then, how these online brokerage firms would change it all for them. No one could imagine one could make deals while in bed. But this comfort had a lot of threats associated. With an enhanced demand came a lot of firms and it got hard to find the appropriate ones. Since these firms were designed in a flashy manner, newbies were particularly attracted to the mess. Since then we heard a lot of traders giving up on the profession, but I knew this was not an option for me. I knew from the first day that I had to make a living while in this field no matter what. 

This is why I was very particular about making the right choices. I read in a self-help book years ago that an avid researcher has a very long way to go. I must say, I have experienced what it means in this duration. And it is all the good that this skill brought that I have reached these heights of success. Had I been an average individual, interested in taking short cuts, I would’ve also been struggling to make a living. Today, if there’s one thing that I would ask you to adopt immediately is that you all always thoroughly analyze your decisions. Also, if there’s one person you can trust, it’s you. You should be your best friend. 

Because I adopted this approach from day 1, I thankfully did not suffer so much at the hands of fraud forex firms but I cannot say I was totally spared. I have had the unfortunate experience of signing up for a scam but after that, I have looked into tons of firms before I reached Carter-Williams. Although this firm, like all others, is not free of flaws and shortcomings even then I am not ready to give up on it. Only because of the way I am served here and how the administration treats me. These two things have so much to do with long-term partnerships between clients and companies because people chose to stick to firms that they find efficient, sufficient and custom caring. 

Carter-Williams Review 2021 – What is so appealing about the broker? (

I got to know about Carter-Williams through a friend of mine who had his father working with them. He told me how he was satisfied with the services and made him sign up for it too. It was when I decided to look into it carefully. After weeks of probing the forex trading forum, I was finally ready to trust the firm with not only my assets but also with my future. I will tell you what I looked for and if I got what I expected or not. I hope you find it useful and my effort does not go in vain. So let’s start! 

Why Carter-Williams?

I must say, this is one of the most frequently asked questions that come my way. And I don’t mind answering it because I have an idea how sick people are of these fraudulent firms. When asked, I give them a simple answer which is “optimal working environment”. There’s so much on the forum which gets together to ensure that your trading venture does not turn into a headache. 


The first thing that I would like to talk about is the secure atmosphere. At Carter-Williams, we have never felt vulnerable because we all are aware of the foolproof security measures that the firm takes to avoid any inconveniences coming our way. All these years, we have not heard of any security breaches or cyber-attacks on the company’s network. One commendable measure which reflects how concerned they are when it comes to security is that it is not available for people living in given regions of the world such as Cuba, Syria, Korea, Iran, etc. The company has given up on profits from this area only because they don’t want our assets’ security compromised. The first time I went through the legal section on the website, I had an idea how things would work because of the astonishing amount of transparency there. It was eminent from the disclaimer also that the firm never wanted to keep their customers oblivious to the actual associated threats. Only after they have been informed about the on-ground situation, the company can expect us to take precautionary measures. 

The Overall Look

You expect me not to be so conscious about how the website looks at this age because probably you don’t have an idea how much it has to do with the trading operations. The colour scheme and theme can significantly improve your otherwise monotonous trading work. My last platforms’ website had a dark blue backdrop and trust me half of my pain was because of the darkness it added to my life. Carter-Williams’ purple and white background is the best thing I could have right after it. Also, the website has been made so engaging and attractive to help the newbies out who are not used to the dry trading world. The important buttons are highlighted and such features add up to make the website very self-explanatory, cutting down any need for tutorials or tips.  I wish there was an option at the bottom to take you to the top of the landing page. This is very much needed on the phone version especially because you have to scroll more.


Next up is accounts, which is another step that clearly shows how concerned the company is when it comes to your money. They want to ensure that you don’t have to pay for something which you do not need. This is why they have introduced many accounts. Each one of these is distinct in terms of specs. You will be served the right way, irrespective of how large or small your business is and this is what makes the forum win the hearts of millions of traders all around the globe. There are a total of 4 types of accounts; Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All of these require some deposit and there’s no invite-only account so no one complains about the company being biased towards rich traders. The basic account requires a minimum deposit of €250 and has the least amount of features while the Platinum account has the most features and the highest deposit of €10k+. Unfortunately, the young traders signing up for a Basic account do not get it without any deposit and do not have access to webinars. These two I mentioned because young ones do not have even this small amount initially and also I feel like they are the ones who need webinars and workshops the most. 


Once you visit some of the brokers, you’ll see how overpriced they all are. This is one point that makes a trader ultimately give up on the firm no matter how good it is otherwise. Traders always look for affordability and economic feasibility because who would want to give the platform all the hard-earned money. I like how at Carter-Williams I never felt like I was being robbed. This reminds me of the fact that there are no hidden charges or commission fees to put you in debt. In fact, before signing up you’ll be clearly informed about all the expenses so you have an idea beforehand. 

Ease of Access

Carter-Williams can be accessed from both your laptop and your phone. You do not have to take your laptop to places and let your phone do the deals. I like how there’s no need to install any apps and you can use it on your internet browser. All these advances remind me of the time when my dad had to plan a trip to the stock exchange with his fellows. Today the entire stock exchange lies on your phone’s screen. 

The Takeaway

I could not mention other features that have turned me into a loyal customer of the firm such as a great customer care department, rapid order execution, informative education section, professional tools, the remarkable user interface to name a few. All of these have made trading so much better and more fun. I had no idea how much peace a good trading platform can bring to a trader’s life. Well, I hope you find your peace and platform soon. Thank you and good luck! 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

By Baron Shaw

Baron Shaw is a technology nerd and an investment enthusiast. He loves exploring new investment opportunities through online platforms and cryptocurrencies. When he's not online, he's either reading books or traveling.

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