Bitteks Review: Platform that enhances your trading experience (

In the past few years since I have started online trading, I have been associated with several online brokerage platforms. The primary reason would include a sense of security, lack of trading options, hidden charges, and poor customer support. Not only do these factors mean a lot for any trader, but they form part of significant selection criteria and long-term commitment. Every month, there have been many new trading platforms, considering the boom of the industry and investors’ peace of mind and willingness to work on their own.

I recently moved my portfolio to Bitteks; it was one of my best decision so far, considering the vast array of features it provides and passing my criteria to a great extent. Hence, I am here to provide my experience to new users. My review is based on my experience and will be unbiased to help make a calculated decision based on the facts.

Bitteks Review: Platform that enhances your trading experience (

First Impression:

The website’s first impression is a significant factor in keeping one’s attention and attracting potential investors to invest and use the platform. When users land on the website, they are welcomed with an attractive graphical representation of the features and a glimpse of various assets Bitteks provides its investors to trade-in.

Account Types:

Bitteks meets the needs of all kinds of buyers, from beginners to experts. Bitteks offers prospective buyers the following four categories of accounts:

  1. Silver

Accounts start at 250 euros and give you access to over 200 tradeable securities, 100 times business power, and market reviews to keep you up to date on the market.

  • Gold

Starting at 10,000 euros, users can get a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, Gold standard lucrative spends, significant leverage of up to 200, Tier 3 trade room research, financial reporting support, risk management planning, special venture incentives, and weekly webinars on trading.

  • Platinum

The Platinum account form has a minimum deposit of 50,000 euros. This account form offers trading alerts and private analyst sessions in addition to the functionality provided by Gold. They also provide Platinum standard valuable spend, up to 300 major influence, and Tier 2 trading room review with weekly webinars compared to Gold account types.

  • VIP

The VIP account form is an ‘invite only’ account that Bitteks considers main accounts for experienced and serious traders. VIP account holders have access to lucrative VIP activities in addition to the benefits offered by Platinum account holders. Compared to Platinum account holders, VIP account holders have VIP level lucrative spending, up to 400 significant leverage, and Tier 1 trading room research with complete transparency.

Providing a wide range of accounts assists users in selecting accounts based on their needs and trading habits. 

Trading Platform:

If I look at the main parts of the platform, there is a section where I can plan out my trading projects. Bitteks’ layout contains all of the game’s tools. I find it much easier to find my way across the platform now. The server’s layout has a significant impact on platform execution. Bitteks’ order execution is lightning fast, and you get an added benefit in the form of ultra-tight spreads.

If you are a beginner and have begun using all of the platform’s tools and utilities, your trading career will boost. The devices are set up to meet the needs of the traders and make it easy to select from the options available. I was able to evaluate the stocks I wanted to invest in. This straightforward appraisal will make decision-making much easier for you.

My first impression was not successful because the color palette was not mesmerizing. The interface is coated in graphic patterns, and the background is black. Customers can see any of the premium stocks affiliated with the site, including Facebook, Tesla, and Amazon, by clicking through the stock status bar on the home tab. Traders can choose from over 200 tradable securities, including stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, commodities, and indices.

Bitteks maintains a monochrome theme throughout. Some people may like it, but I don’t, so I can only hope that some kind of way to change the color scheme is added in the future.

You can select everything from the intervals to the chart from the chart’s personalized features. You will keep track of existing and upcoming market trends with a choice of 9 chart intervals. These are critical elements to consider when writing trade papers. Trade reports help coordinate commodity market fluctuations that are underlying CFDs. Some tools can be used to involve consumers and improve their experience. Veteran traders, such as I, would place a higher emphasis on these instruments because they are crucial in stepping up the game in the ever-increasingly competitive world of trading.


One can learn a lot about the platform based on its administration and how they operate. Their work informs a great deal about their infrastructure and its importance to their investors/users. Bitteks provide a web-based platform that is significantly easy to use considering the service options for clients to find their way throughout the web. One may seek further assistance from the contact us option available on the bottom right of the dynamic webpage. However, one may need to fill a form for the same.

Customer Care:

Customer Care is one of the critical aspects of any service provider. One may provide the best quality of services and kits. Still, lack of communication and issue resolution would result in a lack of client satisfaction, eventually resulting in poor/sub-optimal service provision. Although the user is required to fill a form to get in touch and seek assistance, the customer care team at Bitteks is always there to assist its users. Users are provided with three options to get in contact with Bitteks:

  • Email – User may email their queries on the provided email ID and seek a response.
  • Call – User may call their customer care representative to seek a response and resolve their queries. Although this is only available in UK and Australia.
  • Live Chat – Users may contact using the live chat option on their website.

One may experience a delay in response, primarily due to the high traffic of user queries on-peak hours. However, my experience so far has been satisfactory. Further, seeking feedback from users post every query resolution satisfies customers and assists Bitteks in improving their customer care on a timely basis.

Speed, patience, attentiveness, problem-solving, and issue resolution are critical characteristics of Customer Care at Bitteks. 


A heavily controlled platform, such as Bitteks, has a robust system that protects the needs of both brokers and customers. Since I’ve been trading with them for quite some time, I’ve established a certain degree of trust in them. One of the main reasons I feel comfortable using this platform is policies.

When you scroll down Bitteks’ homepage, you’ll notice the Disclaimer as well as the necessary protection documents. This level of openness was a breath of fresh air since few outlets are recognized for it. Some people are very private about their methods, particularly in administration. Bitteks is very receptive to all reviews and is sensitive to all types of critique.


Clients can read more about Bitteks by going to their website, full of helpful material. There are various ebooks available to help you understand the economy and saving. Any commodity that can be exchanged is included in asset indices, allowing you to better view the economy. Bitteks also has a glossary to help you decipher any unfamiliar phrases or sentences. 

There are 12 eBooks in this section covering a wide range of topics for both new and seasoned traders. I like that each book has a short synopsis to pick what you want to read based on your needs. The eBook on CFDs and stocks taught me how to make money without purchasing the product.

In the FAQ section, I’ve invested a considerable amount of time. I would have liked to add an upgrade option because the questionnaire questions do not reset over time. The five sections efficiently categorize the questions and make it easy to find answers.

Payment Methods:

With the fast-paced evolution of the trading sector, there is an increasing need to adopt various payment methods to ensure consumer convenience. This makes it simple to withdraw and deposit money. Bitcoin transfers, debit and credit cards, and bank wire transfers are the three types of transactions available.

The majority of people are used to using these methods, but those who are not will suffer the consequences. Bitteks must ensure that they are taking steps to meet users’ needs who use payment systems such as iDEAL, PayPal, and others. When it comes to withdrawal pace, it is not an issue, but if you want to improve it any further, you can always consider updating your account.

Finally, I’d like to point out that the forum places a strong emphasis on consumer education and regularly updates the ‘Education’ segment to keep users informed about the site. You will read more about Bitteks and find answers to often asked questions, enabling your relationship with the company to grow stronger.


I’ve done my best to point out the shortcomings where the strong points were highlighted in the hope that you’ll be able to decide if the platform is right for you at the end of this review. You’ve already guessed that I’ve been a satisfied customer for a long time.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

By Baron Shaw

Baron Shaw is a technology nerd and an investment enthusiast. He loves exploring new investment opportunities through online platforms and cryptocurrencies. When he's not online, he's either reading books or traveling.

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